Gree Bora-X Hi-wall

R32 Inverter Heat Pumps Developer Series

Quiet and energy efficient, the Gree Bora-X range is the perfect choice for a variety of applications. The Bora-X range comes with Wi-Fi control and mini photocatalytic filters as standard, and is backed by Gree’s industry leading 6-year warranty in residential applications.

4 sizes, ranging from 2.5kW – 7.1kW 

  • Includes high density filters, with a higher than normal density to filter more dust and pollen from the air.
  • Noise reducing technology coupled with 7 fan modes provides the perfect airflow with quiet operation.
  • “iFeel” functionality gives intelligent temperature control where it is needed and provides a more comfortable environment.
  • Turbo cooling provides maximum airflow and performance for 30 minutes to rapidly cool a room.

Key Features

WiFi Control

Wi-Fi available on all models of the Bora-X range in both Apple and Android. After installing the “Gree Smart” APP on your phone or tablet, you can remotely control the air conditioner from anywhere in the world.

iFeel Remote Control

All units come with the Gree YAG1FB remote controller. Along with user and timer functions the YAG1FB also features iFeel control for greater comfort.

Next Generation Refrigerant - R32

R32 refrigerant is a better environmental option when compared to R410a as R32 refrigerant has a 68% lower Global Warming Potential (GWP). R32 also has superior energy efficiency, a higher refrigeration capacity and thermal conductivity so the refrigerant charge is also 30% less than R410a.

Reliably Smart

    • Soft Start software limits the compressor start up current
    • Low voltage start up, provides protection against brown outs and poor power supplies
    • Low power usage in standby mode, 0.5 watts
    • Wide temperature cooling operation from -10~50°C
    • Low temperature heating operation from -15~24°C