Gree GMV5 Mini

DC Inverter GMV5 Mini VRF

The Gree DC Inverter GMV5 Mini is a flexible solution for central air conditioning systems in different building types. The compact design of the outdoor units makes installation easier. Coupled with a wide variety of indoor units and controls you have a flexible alternative to standard central type ducted or water chiller type equipment.

Key Features

High Performance Compressors

All DC Inverter compressors with high pressure chambers, this helps improve the volumetric efficiency of the compressor.

High Efficient Motors

High efficient permasyn motors are used to provide better performance than traditional DC inverter compressors. Permasyn motors use concentrated windings rather than distributed windings.

Wider Operation Condition Range

Adopting the sensor less fan motor gives us greater control over high pressure. This allows us to operate in wider ambient conditions, -5°C to 52°C in cooling and -20°C to 27°C in heating.

Gree Indoor Units

Gree Duct Type, Compact Cassette, Wall Mounted Type, Floor Console

Gree Outdoor Units

GMV-80/100 | GMV-120/140 | GMV-160