Gree Kingfisher Hi-wall

Inverter Heat Pumps

The Gree Kingfisher Series of Heat Pumps lets you indulge in ultimate tranquillity within your home. This compact stylish, and elegant series is specifically designed to offer reliable and energy-efficient comfort for you and your family throughout the year.

Key Features

Energy Efficiency

The Gree Kingfisher range of heat pumps offers energy efficient operation all year round. Gree’s G10 inverter technology allows for fast attainment of ultimate degrees and when coupled with the Turbo and I-Feel modes, Kingfisher can deliver the perfect environment.

Convenient Operation

Take control with ease using the Kingfisher’s built-in smart Wi-Fi functionality. By using the Gree+ app, you can conveniently operate your Kingfisher heat pump from your mobile device or tablet. Stay connected and experience the convenience of smart control with the Kingfisher series.

Home Comfort

• Enjoy customisable airflow with a multi speed fan • Easily adjust settings with the adjustable LED display for added convenience • Maintain clean and fresh air with washable dust filters that are easy to clean.

Next Generation Refrigerant - R32

R32 refrigerant is a better environmental option when compared to R410a as R32 refrigerant has a 68% lower Global Warming Potential (GWP). R32 also has superior energy efficiency, a higher refrigeration capacity and thermal conductivity so the refrigerant charge is also 30% less than R410a.

WiFi Control

Wi-Fi available on all models of the Kingfisher range in both Apple and Android. After installing the “Gree Smart” APP on your phone or tablet, you can remotely control the air conditioner from anywhere in the world.

Reliable Function

The Kingfisher series is the first Gree series to benefit from the new automated manufacturing factories being built by Gree. Utilising intelligent robots’ and production machines, the Kingfisher series benefits from a tireless computer-controlled manufacturing process that for some processes achieves an 85% self-production/automation rate. These new production facilities fully test every unit prior to dispatch, ensuring quality, reliability and peace of mind for the homeowner.