Gree Scroll Chillers

A-Series Inverter and a new Cooling Only Process Cooler (-10°C).

Gree A series Inverter Modular Air-cooled Chillers adopt All DC inverter and have wide operation range, compact design and can be modularised.

Gree A series Inverter Modular Air-cooled Chillers  are suitable for a wide range of applications. With the additional advantage of being able to reverse cycle they can be used for cooling in summer and heating in winter. Gree chillers can be installed in new builds or retrofitted to existing buildings such as hotels, apartments, restaurants, office buildings, shopping malls, theatres, gyms, workshops, hospitals and any other place where cooling or heating is required.

Key Features

High Efficiency Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

The Gree A Series Chillers utilise high efficiency shell and tube heat exchangers. Internal baffles ensure the water mixes thoroughly in the heat exchanger to achieve a higher rate of heat transfer. Gree A series shell and tube heat exchangers provide advantages over other types of heat exchangers.

Low Noise Fans

The Gree A Series Chillers come with high efficiency low noise fan blades designed and manufactured by Gree specifically for these units. These fan blades have been designed using Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation. The blades have been matched with motors and dynamic blade running tests conducted to ensure the motors and fan blades match perfectly. This method of design results in optimised blade shape and lower operating noise.

Gold Fin

The new Gree A Series Chillers feature Gold Fin coating on the air cooled coil. This offers greater resistance to corrosive elements. Gold fin coils perform 20x better under salt spray testing than Blue Fin Coils. Gold Fin is a hydrophobic coating which repels water. As a result it improves the efficiency by accelerating the defrost process.

Precision Water Temperature

Precision water temperature control thanks to stepless capacity adjustment from 10%~100%.

Higher Compressor Reliability

Higher compressor reliability thanks to keyless connection technology

Less Maintenance Cost

Higher reliability and less maintenance cost thanks to 3D-covered impeller.