Gree Weka Hi-wall

Inverter Heat Pumps

Gree Weka Hi-wall Inverter Heat Pumps are incorporating pure and elegant design, superior technology and efficient performance. It has double blinds that allow the air to diffuse in all directions. Gree Weka Hi-wall Inverter Heat Pumps set to be the preferred choice for your living spaces. Smart tech built for best house ecology. Breathing fresh air of the world.

7 sizes, ranging from 2.25kW - 8.5kW

  • Elegant matte body finish integrates well with the surroundings
  • Enclosed seamless double air louvers
  • Smart technology built for the best house environment
  • Factory fitted Wi-Fi as standard

Key Features

Air Supply Distance Up to 12m

Delivering Comfort to Every Corner. Double air lovers for farther and wider air supply.

3D Airflow Around

Comfort Everywhere in the Room. Left & right swing function available in full range of products to offer 3D airflow.

7 Fan Speeds

Fan speed can be adjusted by a remote control. Turbo fan speed can instantly change the room temperature, enabling you to feel the coolness immediately, while quiet fan speed enables you to enjoy the comfortable temperature quietly.

iFeel Remote Control

All units come with the Gree YAG1FB remote controller. Along with user and timer functions the YAG1FB also features Feel control for greater comfort.

5 Steps for Air Purification

Step 1: Initial Filtration - Step 2: Deep Cleaning - Step 3: Whole House Purification - Step 4: Self-cleaning - Step 5: Easy Cleaning

Next Generation Refrigerant - R32

R32 refrigerant is a better environmental option when compared to R410a as R32 refrigerant has a 68% lower Global Warming Potential (GWP). R32 also has superior energy efficiency, a higher refrigeration capacity and thermal conductivity so the refrigerant charge is also 30% less than R410a.

5 Steps for Air Purification Clean Breathing

  • Step 1: Initial Filtration
  • Step 2: Deep Cleaning
  • Step 3: Whole House Purification
  • Step 4: Self-cleaning
  • Step 5: Easy Cleaning

Enjoy Comfort with Your Family

3D Airflow control around and comfortable everywhere

7 Fan Speeds: Silent, low, mid-low, mid, mid-high, high, turbo fan speed

I-Feel, customising the optimum temperature in every wherever any time

iFeel Function

Wi-Fi available on all models of the Weka range in both Apple and Android. After installing the "Gree Smart" APP on your phone or tablet, you can remotely control the air conditioner from anywhere in the world. No additional parts or wiring as Wi-Fi comes factory fitted and available at no extra charge.

Tricolor Filters

  1. Biological sterilization filter: Loaded with biological antibacterial active ingredients, it can precipitate bacterial protein and achieve excellent antibacterial effect;
  2. Catechin filter: Catechin, also known as “tea polyphenol”, can prevent the proliferation of bacteria, etc. so as to achieve superior antibacterial effect;
  3. Silver ion filter: It can contact with bacteria and react with it, which damages innate constituent or causing dysfunction of the microorganism.

Multi Anticorrosion Material

Design Life Is More Comfortable New angled U-tube self-sealing and anti-corrosion design, more effective for anti-corrosion and environmentally friendly.

Simple Matte Body Ideal for Your Home

Smooth design, simple and easy-matching sensual pleasures in all status All-closed seamless double air lovers keep inner cleanliness.